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Welcome To Amberswood Environmental Services LTD

Amberswood Environmental Services is both a registered company and a charity, constituted as a “not for profit” organisation and working with people who have a disability, usually people who have learning disabilities.

We were awarded a grant from the National Lottery Charities Board back in 1988 in order to continue the provision of occupational training and educational services; We have expanded our operations into various areas of recycling. This now ranges from recycling textiles, bric-a-brac, and small furniture reclamation. In April 2004 we opened our first Charity Shop.

Isolation hitting home?

We are here to help in any capacity, We Can, do you need to nip somewhere? perhaps you have an appointment and you can’t take your son/daughter with you, we could take them off your hands for you, or maybe take them for a walk, give them some needed exercise.

What people think of Amberswood Environmental Services Ltd

I like to come here, because it is somewhere different, it keeps me out of mischief and Amberswood let me do my own things, that I enjoy, under they supervision.

Chris Parker

I enjoy the work I do, which keeps me out of trouble. While here I have made many friends. I enjoy meeting customers, who I like to chat with.

Barry Brocklehurst

I enjoy coming to Amberswood because I meet friends, and everyone there are very polite, I enjoy having a laugh. But there is always something to do, we can get very busy.

Craig Houghton

I like helping out in the unit, dealing with the public, also if needed, I also enjoy going out on the van, helping with deliveries, which helps me discover new places.

Jake Atherton
Allowing the community to help people
By helping people to help the community
Stan & Steven
Stan & Steven observing a minutes silence whilst keeping social distancing