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About Us

Amberswood Environmental Services is a registered Charity, we are a work based skills and education provider, providing occupational training, skills recognition, work experience, social skills, community presence and employment prospects through our work base training programs which is based on the collection, sorting, recycling and redistribution of a wide variety  of consumer and environmental products. We are currently developing our service by including limited restoration of furniture, i.e. sanding down wood, staining it and minor repairs.

Our service is targeted at members of our community who have a disability and who would benefit from a Friendly and Relaxed educational and work training environment, which can enhance the skills they have and promote and teach them new ones.

  • All necessary equipment is provided, to assist the students in their tasks.
  • Risk assessments are completed.
  • A full induction is undertaken with the students on arrival.
  • Flexible opening times are available during our service operation.

Allowing the community to help people by helping people to help the community.