Our Students

All the students who become members of AESL are treated equally and attend a minimum of one day per week and depending on individual requirements and availability of services can, attend up to five days.

We have a Board of voluntary trustees who have executive responsibility and are all people with considerable experience in both their own fields and in caring for and working with people who have learning difficulties.

The day to day operation of the organisation is delegated to the management and full time staff who again, are also people with experience of working with and caring for people with learning difficulties.

Students of all working ages, genders and abilities are invited to apply for placement within our organisation. We have capacity for a maximum of 60 sessions per week.

Course duration is around 25-30 weeks, Or as long as it takes for individuals to achieve there individual set goals. In some cases students may want to come to us during summer holiday periods.

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Steve & Stuart still working hard during the Corona Virus Pandemic